UnifontEX, unicode font explorer and exporter.
-Lets you quickly browse the full unicode set of any font you have.
-Search feature to quickly find of any character -Maximize and copy characters for use in other programs.
-Append characters to display an arbitrary test string -Scale and resize characters/string.
-Apply custom shaders to characters/strings.
-Export the result to arbitrary sized png.
-Export the result in multi-resolution pngs for use as icon / favicon.
-And much more! (not really)

The software comes with the font code2000, you can add any font you like in the fonts folder and they will be avaible in the software.

UnifontEX is free for personal non-commercial use. Mail: NMZ at this site for info on other licenses.

Download version 1.1 (windows): UnifontEX.7z
A mac OSX version can be made very easily if there is interest for it.

Changes in version 1.1:
-Fixed a major memory leak.

Big thanks to the makers of the LÍVE game engine which this software is using.

A few screenshots:

And some examples of exports. Using only the default font and some shaders: