Krypton is a small notepad clone with focus on simplicty of use and proper encryption.

This software is freeware.

Mail: NMZ at this site for question/bug reports.

Download version 1.0 (Windows): Krypton.7z (~200 Kb)
(Require .NET 4.5 runtime)

-The program behaves much like windows notepad, with an enhanced find feature.
It should be more than enough for private notes/documents/password lists etc...

-The program can open any extension but will only save to .kr encrypted files, this is done
to ensure that there is no confusion as to whether the output is encrypted or not (it always is)

-By default, stops the user from using too short password/passphrase, preventing a false sense of security

Technical details:
-Keccak 256 Hash function
-AES 256 CBC mode encryption (with unique IV, using windows API)
-Uses Microsoft's CryptGenRandom for IV generation.

Important notes regarding encryption:
-If the host system is compromised, having strong encryption is completely useless.
Ideally the computer doing the encryption and file handling would not be connected to the internet.

-In light of recent events, I have to mention that Krypton uses the default Visual Studio Implementation
of AES256 which might include a not completely safe random number generator see:

-There are other factors which might come into play and reduce the overall security of the encryption, I did try to
keep the standards as high as possible (unlike some other implementations i've seen that used a fixed value and Input Vector
for example) but I cannot guarantee security.

A few screenshots: